Jason Kashyap

About Me

As a former mechanical engineer, I bring a unique skill set to digital marketing. Considering my background is in the nuclear industry, my work is performed with meticulous detail. My engineering skills have also played a large role in my data analysis and interpretation skills. I’m able to evaluate trends in statistics which allow me to make effective changes to improve advertising campaigns.

I’ve worked with clients in a variety of industries; maintaining & optimizing PPC accounts with various budgets. I’ve worked at large & small agencies, managing teams of paid search & social media specialists. In my agency work, I’ve been through the hiring & training process for new employees. I’ve also worked with agencies to establish QA guidelines and standards for optimizing ad campaigns.

I believe transparency is crucial to forming a healthy business relationship. Through teaching some of what I know to partners, we work together to execute successful campaign strategies. The best campaigns are the collaborative ones, and I enjoy running the best campaigns.